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Inovastek operates in digital technology based on weather predictive analytics to support decision making in various sectors such as agriculture, maritime, fisheries, disasters, on-offshore mining activities, and many more. Our priority is to reduce your project risk while delivering the best insight through state-of-the-art information systems.

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Advanced Weather & Ocean Forecast

Our weather & ocean forecasts are processed using our patented advanced technology and combined with high-performance computing to provide high-accuracy results like no others.

Next Level Insight

We are here to help you generate actionable insights for your decision making. Our predictive analytic technology has been developed to make it even easier for you to choose the right decision. Unleash the full potential of using data for better planning.

The Enhanced Dashboard.

Visualizing predictive analytics data into a next-generation dashboard information system that is suitable for anyone. Saves you a lot of time to gain insight.

All-in-One Mobile App

Providing exceptional all-in-one systems for mobile applications on Android. Early warning and notifications are now conveniently able to alert you anytime and anywhere.