Next Generation
Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems

The technology for detection, monitoring, including prediction and the impact estimation of natural disaster

Identify Potential Disaster Threat

Disaster Impact Management

Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy

Aware from any Potential Hazards

In order to support disaster & risk sector, we created a multi-disaster information system with the ability to monitor and predict various types of natural disasters and other extreme conditions for the next few days. In addition, through this information system the user can estimate the potential measure of the impact of flood, landslide, extreme weather, earthquake, tsunami, and volcano.

The main purposes of this systems are to identify potential disaster threats, mapping affected areas, disaster impact management, and disaster risk reduction strategies.

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Tangkalbencana is an information system used for multi-disaster forecast and monitoring in Indonesia.

Explore the detailed information on Tangkalbencana website for full features preview about our technology for disaster risk sectors or download the brochure below.

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