Bringing Tech Innovation
to Forestry

Prevent forest and land fires in Indonesia with advanced technology that can detect and predict hotspot

Early Wildfires Detection

Wildfires Impact Management

Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy

How does it Work?

The detection and prediction system for hotspots, weather, and potential threats of forest and land fires in Indonesia. This system can be used to provide recommendations for prevention and handling of forest and land fires in a precise and accurate manner.

The benefits of this system are for early detection of forest and land fires disasters, management of the impacts of forest and land fires, and advanced information for disaster risk reduction strategies.

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Forest Fire Management System (FORMS) is an information system used for forecasting and monitoring of forest and land fires in Indonesia.

Explore the detailed information on FORMS website for full features preview about our technology for forest and land fires sectors or download the brochure below.

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