Pursuing Sustainable Agriculture
with Digital Technology

Increase yield productivity with climate-smart agriculture systems and hydrometeorological disaster preparedness

Planting Calendar

Reduce Potential Crop Failure

Disaster Early Warning

Increase Yield Productivity

Agriculture 4.0

We have developed a cutting edge technology to support agricultural sectors with climate forecasting system for rainfall and high accuracy weather forecast, supported by satellite and field data to generate planting calendar and potential hydrometeorological hazard index.

The purposes are to minimize farmer losses due to crop failure, increase financial efficiency during the growing season to harvest time, provide early warning of floods and droughts and increase productivity and quality of agricultural products.

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Smart Agribusiness Information System (SICA) provides accurate information on weather forecasts, planting calendar, potential flood and drought with high resolution and accuracy.

Explore the detailed information on SICA website for full features preview about our technology for agriculture sectors or download the brochure below.

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