Weather & Ocean forecast service provider

Supporting business and projects, ensure safety and effective decisions.


Weather & Ocean Forecast

High resolution and high accuracy forecast for weather and ocean using High Performance Computing.

Climate Action & Adaptation

Long-term climate forecast and analysis for mitigation and adaptation plan.

Agribusiness & Smart Farming

Application of information system on Agricultural sector for higher efficient farming.

Disaster Risk Management

Reducing disaster risk based on environment and social data through improved management.

Renewable Energy

Wind and solar energy potential, forecast, and pricing efficiently.

Decision Support System

Utilization of forecast model in supporting decision making process.

Optimize your Business

Inovastek provide realtime and forecast information to support decision making process in operational and planning management.

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About Us

Consist of experts and researchers in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) from multiple diciplines, Inovastek is an advanced weather and ocean forecast and decision support service. Inovastek is specialize in various fields, including weather and ocean forecast, climate, agribusiness, disaster, and renewable energy. Inovastek also become a place for ITB graduates to learn and gain working experience in various fields.

Our clients vary from government, NGO, and private sector with multiple needs. We commit to constantly provide high quality forecasts, innovation, and excelent service through comprehensive research and development.


Weather & Ocean Forecast

High resolution and accuracy forecast for weather and ocean.


Sistem Informasi Cerdas Agribisnis

Agriculture information consist of long-term climate forecast, flood and drought vulnerability, and planting calendar.


Flood Early Warning & Early Action System

Flood early warning forecast in river basin with adaptation plan for stakeholders.


Decision on Mining and Oil Extraction Information System

Reducing risk from weather and ocean extreme condition in industrial activity and improve oil and gas production.


Dynamic Management and Information Services for Fisheries

Supporting fisheries by providing fish catchment area potential forecast in Indonesia


Sistem Informasi Manajemen Energi

Provide useful information for planning and effective decision making in energy management.


Multi-Hazard Early Warning System

Natural hazard forecast and early warning system in Indonesia.


Ocean Crime Prevention System

Ensure safety and prevent illegal activity in Indonesia's Ocean.


Forest Fire Management System

Monitoring and analysis system to manage and reduce forest fire activity.


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